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After being saved from a shark attack by a brooding stranger, a young woman discovers she has reason to be suspicious. A man is on a boat with a shark serving up some chum and eventually himself? The man jumps into the water and pets a shark. His name is Daniel, and he is cute in a beachy way.

Alison is taking care of her little brother, Kevin, and takes him to the beach for the day. She is joined by her boyfriend, Carson, and BFF Rhiannon. They sit in beach chairs fully clothed while Kevin goes jet-skiing with a bunch of other kids. Daniel runs drives the boar and takes the kids out. Little do they know the shark is lurking under the water. (We see the shark with some special effects.) The jerk kids untie the raft when it is Kevin’s turn leaving him stranded with the shark.

From shore, Alison realizes Kevin is in danger and rushes into the ocean to save him. She must be an Olympic swimmer because she makes it to Kevin. Brother and Sister are both in danger and are being chased by a CGI shark. Daniel pulls his boat up and saves them with a flare gun and then I think he punches the shark. Daniel becomes instantly obsessed with Allison and caresses a bracelet while crying and talking about doing better this time.

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Daniel “Search Bots” Allison and finds her address/social media. He goes over to Alison’s house is about to sneak into her bedroom to watch her shower, but Carson beats him to it. When Carson does it, Alison thinks it is sexy? I like the shot here of Daniel looking through the window at the couple as the camera pans out.

Later, Daniel lip syncs “You Made me Love You.” in the car while talking Alison some more. Alison runs into some car trouble, and Daniel offers to give her a ride. He asks her a bunch of questions on the way home. Alison and her mother invite Daniel over for dinner.