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Dirt MusicGeorgie is slowly suffocating in a loveless marriage to fishing tycoon Jim Buckridge.
Handsome poacher Lu is an irresistible symbol of the excitement she craves.
A passionate affair follows that reveals the dark secrets in Lu’s past and forces him to take flight into the blistering heat of the outback.
Georgie follows, determined to find him and bring him back.

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Georgie sometime sailor, diver and nurse use to have guts. But somehow she has lost her way.
Stranded in a remote fishing town on the West Australian coast she’s living with a man she doesn’t love, Jim and his young sons whose dead mother she can never replace.
But a reckless moment leads to a life-changing encounter with Lu, an enigmatic loner, one time musician and sometimes poacher, outcast from the community.

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Georgie will risk everything for this chance of love, but Lu is haunted by a tragic accident from his past.
For him the prospect is too painful and he retreats into the wilderness to the remotest islands leaving little clue as to his whereabouts.
Georgie embarks on a journey to bring Lu back from his past and his grief, ultimately finding herself.