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Nonton Film Snowmageddon (2011) Sub Indo – It’s Christmas in Normal, Alaska. The town is decorated, and John Miller collects presents that his wife needs to deliver (she is a helicopter pilot). The only odd thing seems to be a lack of snow, but the town is prepared to enjoy the holiday, not multiple disasters. The Miller family receives a snow globe on their doorstep; the origins of the snow globe are unknown. Rudy, the youngest, is given the globe; the boy is into fantasy, so he seems to be the natural recipient of the odd gift. What the family doesn’t know is that after the snow globe is activated, the town has to suffer through an earthquake, an avalanche, fires and other disasters. The family, with the help of some of the townspeople, has to figure out how to destroy the globe before the town is completely demolished.

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What is featured more than the snow globe is Rudy’s fantasy game. Rudy plays the game many times during the first part of the movie, the snowboarder Derrick is familiar with the game, and Rudy figures out how to destroy the snow globe because of his experiences playing the game. The frequency of recurrences of Rudy’s game made me think the game was more important than the snow globe.

Duration: 89 Min


Release Date: 2011-12-10