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Nonton Film Summerland (2020) Sub Indo – The great film analyst Tony Zhou named his famous series of video essays “Every Frame a Painting.” This movie could be titled “Every Frame a Ravishingly Pretty Painting.” Each shot in this mostly-World-War-II-set memory play, even those in the slightly cramped cottage occupied by lead character Alice Lamb, is a pictorial delight from start to finish.

The movie opens in 1975, “Kent,” at the aforementioned cottage. There, Lamb in late-middle age (Penelope Wilton) hunches over a typewriter; her concentration is broken by a knock on the door. A person from Porlock? No, but the effect is the same: the breaking of a spell. (And yes, I know, that’s Coleridge, not Wordsworth.) The interrupters are two adorable moppets collecting for charity, hoping to “help the aged.” Sneers Alice, “You know how you can help the aged? Well you can bugger off!”

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Cut to back in World War II, and younger Alice still hunches over a typewriter and is mean to local children. Gemma Arterton looks pale and drawn here—perhaps she’s trying to make flesh the effects of a writer’s focused interiority, or she’s just going to keep de-glamming until people stop mentioning she was once the you-know-what in a James Bond movie—and seems in a perpetual huff. It’s a gig that scatterbrained Alice, deep in a project about pagan women, has forgotten that she actually volunteered for. On installing him in the cottage, she hands him some raw eggs and a small saucepan. “You don’t expect me to cook for you. There’s the stove.”