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Nonton Film The Messenger (2020) – A terrified mother and her young son are packing to flee when an unseen attacker kills the whole family. Five years later, the Solomon family from Chicago moves into the house, near a small town in North Dakota. Roy Solomon hopes to start a sunflower farm. Everyone has issues. Their teenage daughter, Jess, is unhappy about moving, their son Ben has been traumatized ever since a car accident when Jess drove while drunk with him as a toddler, and crashed the car. Seriously injured, Ben endures extensive treatment, recovering only to be mute. Her parents, Roy and Denise, don’t trust their irresponsible daughter, and are broke from all the medical expenses. Roy believes moving to the farm will help heal the family.

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Ominous events begin to occur. Flocks of crows are constantly swarming the home. Some attack Roy but are driven off by a drifter named John Burwell, whom Roy hires as a farmhand. Ben can see ghosts of the mother and the children. In the night, Jess sees Ben walking into the barn, and follows him. When the doors slam shut, Jess flees to the house but steps into a quicksand-type mud pit, sinking until she is up to her neck, clawing to get free. She wakes thinking it was a dream, until lifting her blanket confirms that it was real.

Streaming Movie The Messenger (2020) Sub Indo

At a local store, she sees a newspaper clipping of the family, revealing the father to be none other than her dad’s new farmhand. Burwell is actually John Rollins, the man who, in a fit of madness, murdered his entire family (as shown at the beginning of the film). Shocked, Jess and Bobby rush back home to warn her family.

Denise is in the basement when John attacks her. She attempts to run upstairs but John grabs her ankle as Bobby and Jess arrive, only for John to knock Bobby out. Jess runs into the cellar finding Denise and Ben. Denise is sorry for not believing her about the ghosts. John, believing them to be his own family, stabs Roy when he turns up. After a struggle with Jess, John drags her down to the basement into the mud with him. As she goes under, an injured Roy grabs her hand and with Denise’s help, pulls her out.