Nonton Murder Death Koreatown (2020) 5.766


Nonton Murder Death Koreatown (2020) Streaming Movie Sub Indo

Nonton Film Murder Death Koreatown (2020) Sub Indo – MURDER DEATH KOREATOWN is a new crime, horror, mystery. This is an indie movie where the less you know beforehand the better. Also, it’s found footage and it’s awesome, so be sure to check it out.

Murder Death Koreatown is a found footage movie in the crime, horror and mystery genres. Even if you’re not usually into found footage, you really want to give this one a chance.

Just like with most other found footage movies, the less you know going in, the better. It’s an indie movie with a tiny budget. However, the story and especially the storyteller just pulls you into his wacky worldview

Streaming Movie Murder Death Koreatown (2020)

What really works for Murder Death Koreatown is the weird and wacky realism. Most of the people and things you see are very familiar in various ways. From the storyteller’s personal relationships to his reactions to things. You may not recognize yourself in him, but the type of person he is, should be familiar to many.

Look, I cannot overstate this enough: The less you know, the better! In other words, I will not be going into plot elements or the storyline itself. The official plot is all you need to know. Also, I have to commend the brilliant storytelling vibe of this movie.

It’s almost like a podcast in the sense that it really is all about the story being told. Sure, we see pictures and fascinating diagrams made by the storyteller to get us into his worldview. But overall, Murder Death Koreatown will not be winning any awards for cinematography.

In fact, it drove me crazy that the camera was so bouncy. However, it is perfectly in line with the story. And for this movie, the story is everything…. well, along with the storyteller!