Open 24 Hours (2018)


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Open 24 Hours – Mary is a very troubled woman who gets a job at a convenience store after setting her assassin boyfriend on fire.
As she starts her graveyard shift at the Deer Gas Market, she is haunted by flashbacks.
A young girl gets a graveyard shift at a gas station situated in the middle of nowhere.
She tells her boss that she has done time in prison for burning her serial killer boyfriend who survived the burns but is in prison.
Things get complicated on the very first nite as the line between reality n illusions gets blurry.

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Now this was excellent. Open 24 Hours is a modern take on the classic slasher model, written and directed by Padraig Reynolds.
In my opinion, it was much better than his earlier film Rites of Spring, which I struggled to get into.
It’s engaging from the start; especially due to the quality of the lead, the sharp, atmospheric cinematography, and the realistically horrible location.

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The central character of Open 24 Hours is Mary (Vanessa Grasse, Leatherface), trying to put a violent past behind her: she had been the partner of a serial killer, made to watch until the day came when she found the nerve to burn down the house with him inside.
And out of all the films or shows I’ve seen about serial killers, I can’t think of any where we get to find out what happened to the spouse or partner who remains when they are caught.
In this case, Mary too had been caught (for the arson), and now she has been trying to get a job, any job, since being released from prison two weeks ago, while also battling paranoia and delusions. Oh, joy!