Pressure (2015) 5.64,898


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Pressure – A group of employees working for the oil company Vaxxilon are working on a boat in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Somalia.
One night a boss, Karsen, sends four of his men, Engel, Mitchell, Jones and Hurst, down in the diving bell to fix a damaged oil pipe.
Having completed the work they make the ascent but the support ship is hit by a storm, causing the cables holding the bell to break.
Desperately trying to make contact with the ship, one of the crew members goes out to assess the damage.
Only to find the body of Karsen and the wreck of the supply ship on the bottom of the ocean.
The four men then have to use their wits and knowledge of diving and the bell to try
And escape from the ocean floor, 670 feet (200 m) down, with a limited oxygen supply.

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Against orders, Hurst decides to search for the ship for more oxygen in an act of desperation. However, Hurst develops hypothermia and enters a delusional state.
He refuses to return to the bell and the other men realize that he will freeze to death. To save oxygen and to spare Hurst a slow death, Jones cuts Hurst’s oxygen supply in an act of euthanasia.
Unknown to the other three men, Hurst dies just feet from the cylinder he had set out to find.