The 9th Precinct (2019) 5.5313


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The 9th Precinct – An idealistic cop joins an underground police unit and battles ghoulish forces threatening the balance between the human and the supernatural realms.
We tackle the cases that the ordinary police force cannot handle!
A-Hao is a novice detective who is psychic. Driven by his strong sense of justice, he wants to catch criminals. However, since he cannot tell ghosts from humans, he often gets into trouble.
An accident happens when he is on duty and his partner is killed. As he is responsible for the tragedy, A-Hao is forced to leave the job.
With the help of Lao Zhang, a senior detective, A-Hao is recruited to a secret police department. The 9th Precinct is specialised in dealing with all sorts of mysterious unsolved cases.

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From Lao Zhang and Xue, a senior officer who has psychic power, A-Hao learns how to use the walnut umbrella, the incense burner and the sacred water pistol to catch the malicious spirits.
One day, when a journalist Ru Xin seeks their help in searching for her missing friend, they are dragged into a serial murder case that not only shocks the society but threatens to destroy the balance between the humans and the underworld.