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White LieKatie, a dance major, makes everyone believe that she’s fighting against cancer. When her eligibility for a university bursary is jeopardized unless she provides medical records within the week, she scrambles to forge them, begging her father for money to pay for them. He quickly sees through her façade and refuses to help, pleading with her to come clean before he reveals her crime to her crowd funders.

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Theatrical prospects will likely be niche and though its gripping race against time plot.
Newsworthy subject matter should boost the film’s audience potential.
The factitious disorder of falsely announcing a serious medical condition on social media.

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Sickness has made Katie a media star and much-loved local celebrity, with a charity fundraising campaign behind her.
If she handles it right, her fictional illness could also help secure her college scholarships and financial grants.
But Kate’s facade is staring to slip, with too many inconsistencies and unanswered questions.
Desperate to maintain her fake victimhood status in the face of mounting skepticism.
She enlists crooked doctors to falsify her medical records.
Scamming money from her estranged father Doug (Martin Donovan) and endlessly patient girlfriend Jennifer (Amber Anderson) to pay them off.
When Doug confronts Katie with his woundingly blunt suspicions that she is faking her sickness.
Then goes public with his accusations, she is forced into a desperate damage limitation exercise
Covering up big lies with even bigger lies as social media outrage turns against her.