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Freshly graduated from high school, Tessa Young begins to attend college, moving into dorms with the help of her mother and boyfriend, Noah, where she meets Steph, her new roommate, and her girlfriend Tristan.The day after moving in, Tessa befriends Hardin Scott, a friend of Steph’s, and Landon, his friend. Steph invites Tessa to a party, which she declines, but is eventually persuaded to go later on.

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At the party, Tessa meets Steph’s friends Zed, Molly and Jace, and meets Hardin for the second time. The group play¬†truth or dare, revealing in turn Tessa’s virginity; she is dared to make out with Hardin, but refuses. Later at the party, Tessa bumps into Hardin again, who attempts to kiss her.In Literature class the following day, Landon reveals to Tessa that he and Hardin are going to be related as his mother is engaged to Hardin’s father. Following a debate in class, Hardin approaches Tessa and insists they start over, inviting her to a nearby lake. While they swim, Hardin kisses Tessa, saying that they cannot just be friends.

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The two head to a diner, encountering Molly and Zed, who Tessa says she will tell Noah about her and Hardin’s kiss. Hardin tells her not to, saying that he does not date, disappointing Tessa. Noah surprises Tessa with a sudden visit, and the two have an evening together by a bonfire.In a game of Suck and Blow at a party, Jace purposely fails in order to kiss Tessa, causing him and Hardin to fight. While Noah sleeps after the party, Tessa leaves to check on Hardin, who has destroyed the house in drunken anger. She comforts him, and the two reconcile and kiss.